3:38 pm

Case Study: Video Marketing Minus the Internet


Not all benefits of video are related to the internet. Tom Lewis at Leo's Landscape Nursery plays the videos I made for him on Blu-Ray behind the register in his store. When people come in for a smaller purchase, for example a few plants from the nursery, they can see [...]

3:33 pm

Case Study: Vinnie Rossi


For Vinnie Rossi we had a multi-faceted project on our hands: full rebranding all the way down to the company name, highly technical subject matter, a niche market, and high-end product photography. Video marketing doesn't get much more complex and nuanced than that. We had two primary challenges: 1) boil down [...]

3:24 pm

Some Fun Overseas


I thought I'd take a moment to recap a few adventures I've had overseas. In June 2012 I was flown to northern Spain to create videos of classical guitar concerts given in cathedrals along a thousand-year-old pilgrimage route. Along the way I met lots of interesting characters, including several who appear [...]

1:26 pm

Warning: Imminent Camera Jargon


I recently purchased a Canon 6D to complement my Canon 7D. Like many people I was weighing which DSLR body to buy for an upgrade. There aren't whole a lot of people doing professional video in Worcester, Massachusetts (more are in Boston) so I thought I'd throw some ideas and [...]

1:23 pm

Video: Why Now?


How can video help your business? Or tell your organization's story? As many of us know, over the past ten years technology has made HD video affordable for small businesses and presented it as a much more versatile tool than costly network television ad campaigns. This generation of online marketing strategy [...]